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Ever One arrives December 2

The public release date for Ever One is set for December 2, 2013. That means its only two week away, and I couldn't be happier about that. The Kickstarter campaign was an enormous success, and incredibly satisfying, but it's taken a long time to get to this point and right now, I simply want you to hear the damn music already!

Pre-orders for the album are available starting today at my Bandcamp page. There you have a few options.

1.You can pre-order the digital download by paying what you choose, starting at $1 for the whole album. You'll get the first track from the album, Lonely Nights, right now to whet your appetite. Then you'll receive an email when the album goes live December 2.


2. Or you can purchase one of the remaining stock of double CDs from the Kickstarter, which means you get Ever One, The Mellower (re-mastered and as of yet un-released) and a newly mastered un-released EP called Three For You. I've already signed them for the Kickstarter so hey, for what it's worth, you get my sloppy signature too. All that for $12 plus shipping, and that stock is limited. You'll also get the instant download of Lonely Nights, as well as an email on December 2 giving you access to the digital download while you wait to receive your CDs.


Finally, if you are interested in one of Scott Johnson's terrific posters for the album, I'm selling that through the Bandcamp page as well. $12 for those if you'd like one for your wall.

One note: I said all along that my goal was to release this album for free with the option to pay what you want. That is still happening, though the free part doesn't factor into the pre-release. If you want the album for free, simply come back to this site after December 2 and you will find a direct download link to the album. You are welcome.

But, if you want to throw me a bone, hey, I won't stop you! You can do so starting now with the pre-release at my Bandcamp page.

Make sense? I sure hope so. Ultimately, those are all details that get in the way of what I'm most excited about: The album is almost released, and once that happens I can celebrate the culmination of a year and a half of solid hard work and dedication to the music. Thanks for taking the journey with me. It's even better having you along for the ride.