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Yellowgold on NSFW

I had the pleasure of joining the NSFW gang this Tuesday to take part in the Summer Music Series. I brought along my acoustic guitar and played three songs from the upcoming Ever One release. Care to get a sneak peak at the material on the album? Here you go! 

And now for the part where I pull the curtain back a little.

Being that it was my first time ever really performing like this (solo with only an acoustic guitar, live before who knows how many people), I was definitely a tad nervous. Not as nervous as I expected, but those butterflies were fluttering in the stomach a bit.

As a result, I played nearly every song at least 20-30 percent faster than I probably ever have. It's funny listening to this after the fact. I'm not sure I'm ever rehearsed them at this speed, but the situation affected me and I obviously had adrenalin setting a higher tempo than I would have liked. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the performance. No major failures, but there are a handful of things I can latch on to that I'd change if I did it over again. But hey, isn't there ALWAYS room for improvement? 

You can watch the full episode here from which this mix of songs was pulled here.