The official website showcasing the music of Yellowgold, produced by Jason Howell.

Welcome to my latest project


Hi. I'm Jason Howell, and I produce netcasts for TWiT. I'm also an independent musician and passionate about audio production. This blog will focus on that last sentence.

First things first: I don't pretend to know all the answers when it comes to producing an album from scratch. But I do know what works for me. And if it works for me, maybe it'll work for you too. That, right there, is the purpose of this blog

Over the next few months, I plan on bringing aspiring musicians and solo producers into my creative world. You may already know this stuff. Some of it may be elementary to you, or not even close to how you would choose to do it yourself. But for those looking for a source of inspiration for their own work, maybe I can help to dig you out of a creative hole by sharing my own experiences and workflows. From conception, to song writing, to production, to release, I plan on dishing out as much information as I have lodged into my little brain for anyone willing to read it.

I am, however, on a time crunch. Baby #2 is due in April 2013, and I realized about four months ago that IF I was to follow up The Mellower with a brand new album any time soon, production would largely have to happen before then. How starting a content hungry blog such as this helps me to complete this album in time is a mystery to me. But I see it as an opportunity to share what I know, and also learn from you in return. 

Feel free to e-mail me at any time. I'd love to hear how your approach differs from mine. This is, after all, an experiment in shared knowledge. I can't promise a reply to everything I receive, but I will re-post valuable content to the blog with attribution, so pass it along and include a link to your stuff so others can enjoy it too. Or at the very least, your Twitter ID if you have one.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I enjoy writing about it. I plan on releasing new content to the site frequently leading up to the release of the album. I've already written a large chunk of the content for the site, so it will definitely be actively updated. Check back regularly.

Here's hoping we all learn a little bit more about this wild and crazy world we are collectively so passionate about.

NOW, onward to the blog!